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Check out the progress of the SCRAPY project…!

👩‍🏫 Teaching STEM usually involves hands-on work either from the educator’s side while showcasing experiments, or from the student’s side while experimenting 🧪. With the global pandemic forcing distance learning, subjects of STEM lost the hands-on or experiential teaching side, and are currently losing students’ participation and engagement, especially at young ages, when children require additional activity and stimulation.
👉On the 11th of July, the SCRAPY consortium met online for a progress meeting! During the meeting, the SCRAPY KIT was showcased by AKNOW, who are ready to ship the end result for testing! In addition to the KIT a manual will also be developed to accompany the KIT.
👊 The project SCRAPY has as primary objective to strengthen 💪 educators’ competencies for distance STEM learning by offering a state-of-the-art solution of custom-made hardware and software in order to teach young students physical computing, programming and DIY electronics development.
🙏 We would like to thank our coordinator, ECAM-EPMI (FR), as well as our other partners: ASSOCIATION OF TECHNICAL CULTURE RIJEKA (CR), AKNOW (GR), Attermon (NL) and PROJETO SCHOLE LDA (PT) for their great cooperation!
For more information about the SCRAPY project, check out: https://www.scrapy.erasmusplus.website/
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