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World Mental Health Day

By October 10, 2022October 11th, 2022No Comments
Things not to say to someone with mental illness: Ignore it. Forget about it. Fight it. You are better than this. You are overthinking.” – Niitya Prakash, 2019
🧠📢Mental health is one of the most stigmatized issues in our society. The plurality of individuals do not wish to discuss about mental health issues, either because they might be negatively labelled and judged or because they might be questioned or disregarded. Hence, it is vital to deconstruct these erroneous stereotypes and learn how to support and accept not only each other, but ourselves as well!
🔍🌍After the COVID-19 pandemic, various aspects of mental health have been challenged, with the percentages of individuals diagnosed with anxiety, excessive stress, depression, and agoraphobia drastically increasing, as 1 in 7 people is diagnosed with one or more mental health conditions.
👏💯Simultaneously, the services and funding programs available for mental health remain in short supply. However, throughout this period, the European Commission has developed an interactive tool, the EU Health Policy Platform, to facilitate knowledge exchange and offer guidance on public health. The tool addresses many concerns related to mental health and specific consequences of the coronavirus pandemic!
Emphasys centre supports this day by participating in the Erasmus+ KA2 project-‘Youthminds: Promotion of Youth Mental Health through Awareness, Prevention & Resilience Building’.
💖🙏P.S. Each individual will appreciate support and understanding, so be kind and don’t forget to ask your loved ones if they are doing okay!
➡️Note the Cypriot Suicide Hotline for someone that might need it:
📞+357 8000 7773
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