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The second meeting of the Erasmus KA2 School project: AI4STEM

By September 11, 2023No Comments
💭’The real power that AI brings to education is connecting our learning intelligently to make us smarter.’ 💭 – Rose Luckin.
🗓️ On the 7th of September 2023, Emphasys Centre participated in the second meeting of the Erasmus KA2 school project: AI4STEM – Introducing the 5 Big Ideas in Artificial Intelligence using the Internet of Things in STEM education. The meeting took a hybrid form with some partners joining online and some in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
🤖The AI4STEM project will utilize the Five Big Ideas in AI concept and a series of IoT projects to develop an educational framework on which students (8–16 years old) will be introduced to artificial intelligence through hands-on lessons, blending Internet of Things principles, programming, and STEM learning outcomes.
💯During the meeting, Work Packages 2, 3 and 4 were analysed and all tasks and deadlines were assigned accordingly. Additionally, Quality Assurance and Dissemination were presented and some additional tasks were assigned. Before closing the meeting, administration, financial issues, and the pilots that will be conducted at a later stage.
🙏 A big thank you to our host ATERMON (NL), our coordinator ECAM-EPMI (FR), as well as the rest of the partners, Europaiko Ergastirio Ekpaideftikis Technologias (GR), and Projeto Schole LDA (PT) for their excellent collaboration.