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Guaranteeing Choice and Control: Transforming Mental Health and Psychosocial Disability Support

🌍Between the 20th-22nd of May 2024, Emphasys Centre participated in an inspiring conference co-hosted by EASPD, TENENET, and SocioFórum, with support from WHO, focused on revolutionizing mental health and psychosocial disability care! 🧠✨
Despite advancements, many still faced poor quality care and human rights abuses in mental health systems. This conference advocated a human rights-based, person-centered approach, emphasizing respect for individuals’ autonomy and promoting community and recovery-based services.
🔍 Key objectives included:
  1. Clarifying guiding principles rooted in human rights.
  2. Integrating service providers’ perspectives for advocacy.
  3. Showcasing practical tools and best practices.
  4. Reinforcing legal frameworks and supportive policies.
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