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Our Story and Vision

20 Years of Emphasys

Emphasys Centre is approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, offering training courses to professionals, adults, young people and students thus promoting digital skills. More specifically, it offers specialized courses for professional development, validated courses for the acquisition of professional qualifications, as well as courses for students aiming to enter higher education institutions (universities) in the UK, Greece and Cyprus.

Accredited by the Cyprus Ministry
of Education and Culture

Emphasys Computer Training Centre

Providing training courses in the field of ICT to professionals, adults and young learners.

Emphasys Centre: Education and ICT training

Accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture as a Private Educational Centre specializing in the ICT field.

Emphasys Centre: Education, ICT Training & Research

Implementation, management and coordination of European and National Research Projects: European Social Funds, Lifelong Learning, Erasmus+ etc.

20 Years of Emphasys

Celebrating 20 years of success.

Commitment & Dedication

True Teaching Passion

In an environment where “the only factor that remains stable is change” (Heraclitus) we began our journey to provide services related in the area of ICT at a professional and education level aiming to make a difference. Equipped with determination, passion and vision we initially set up an ICT Consultancy Services Centre, which has gradually developed into a Centre for Vocational Education and Training specializing in ICT and a Research Centre  that caters for the lifelong learning of all.

Our learning space

Modern and fully equipped teaching facilities

Our modern and highly equipped educational centre, is comprised of spacious labrooms that include facilities such as interactive boards, latest technology computer equipment as well as a wide range of robots which enables us to offer an engaging learning experience. In addition, our centre provides a state of the art conference facilities.

Our learning space

Modern and fully equipped teaching facilities

Our modern and highly equipped educational centre, is comprised of spacious labrooms that include facilities such as interactive boards, latest technology computer equipment as well as a wide range of robots which enables us to offer an engaging learning experience. In addition, our centre provides a state of the art conference facilities.

Award Winning Institute

Awards & Accreditations

We take pride in the multiple awards and accreditations we’ve acquired through the years. We owe this ongoing success to the hard work of our students, educators and staff.

How we’ve earned the trust of our partners and students through the years

Highly Qualified Teaching Staff

Experienced and dedicated teachers ready to facilitate the needs of each learner.

Highly Equipped Modern Facilities

Motivating our students and creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our passion for effectiveness and competitiveness in the educational services.

Award Winning Education Centre

Our students’ results have been numerous throughout the last years.

Meet the Emphasys Team

The backbone of our organisation is a team of highly skilled and dynamic professionals

Athos Charalambides

Founder and Director


Athos Charalambides is the founder and director of Emphasys Centre. He has studied in the UK where he has obtained a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in User Interface Design. He has worked for several years as a software developer both in the UK and Cyprus earning valuable work experience within the labour market. Equipped with determination and vision to offer high quality targeted services in the field of education and training, together with his passion for teaching and learning, he has set up the Emphasys Education and ICT Training Centre. Based on the idea that ‘education is our passport to the future’ he managed to create a highly successful educational centre that caters for the needs of learners living in the digitalised economy. His restless spirit has led him to extend his expertise into the area of research, innovation and experimentation. His passion for quality, professionalism and development made him set up the Emphasys Research Centre with the scope to expand the activities of the organization at the EU level. Through the development, implementation and coordination of EU research projects that contribute towards meeting the targets of the ET2020 Strategy and the Digital Agenda for Europe, he opened new routes for trans-national collaborations with various organisations across Europe. In the last years he has seen the Emphasys Centre grow into a well-established organization in the European level, member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN) and a leading organization into the promotion of the Grand Coalition of Digital Jobs. The eagerness to keep up to date with technology and with the recommendations of the European Commission has led him to set up the Robotics Unit that promotes STEAM skills and coding competences. Based on his great experience in management and coordination, Athos is currently supervising a great number of Erasmus+ projects in all sectors, while being involved in the production of custom-made tools and implementation of courses and programmes.

Nicholas Moudouros

Head of Training and Development


Nicholas Moudouros is the Head of Training and Development Department as well as the Head of the Robotics Unit. He is an ICT specialist and an educationalist with advanced studies (MSc) in Computer Science and Data Communication Systems in the UK. He has joined the ‘Emphasys Centre’ team more than 10 years ago when he started his journey into the world of teaching. He has been fascinated by the impact that a ‘teacher’ can have on the lives of his students and since then he makes every effort to motivate them and trigger their interest into the field of STEM and Robotics. Nicholas has been involved in the design, implementation and assessment of various professional development courses, as well as tools / applications and has gained great experience working with learners of various ages and abilities. He has successfully managed and implemented numerous EU projects in KA1 and KA2 in the School, Adult and VET Sectors. His current interests lie within the field of robotics, internet of things devices (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Echo Dot) and blockchain decentralized applications. Nicholas is a technology enthusiast and believes in a world where technology, robotics and science-based education can bring humanity to a better tomorrow.
Apart from teaching, Nicholas is currently involved in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects while taking a leading role in the quality assurance of products and materials being developed within the organisation.

Demetra Orthodoxou

Project Coordinator / ICT Instructor


Demetra Orthodoxou is a logistic minded professional with advanced studies (MSc) in Operations Research and Logistics from Wageningen University (Netherlands) and a BSc degree from Liverpool University in Computer Science. Her advanced communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills, together with her determination and adaptability to work and live in different environments supported her extremely well during her studies. Demetra strongly believes that ‘computing’ is not just a field of sciences, but a ‘way of thinking out of the box’. She is a great supporter of the benefits that computational logic and algorithms can provide to students’ overall learning. She has a particular interest for further research in the fields of education, training, youth and sport that stem from her broad studies in different European educational systems. During the last years Demetra has gained valuable experience working with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, both in formal and non-formal settings with a variety of learners of all ages. Based on this, she has developed an urge and passion to work with young people aiming to motivate and open up new routes in their career and orientation. Being sensitive on social and environmental aspects of our lives, Demetra has taken an active role in setting up volunteering activities within her community. She is currently a Project Coordinator in numerous Erasmus+ projects in all sectors with a specific focus on topics related to digital literacy, social entrepreneurship, career guidance and employability skills. She has been involved in the development, implementation and assessment of both training programmes, on-line tools and platforms. Demetra is also engaged in the quality assurance process of products and procedures.

Chrystalla Thrasyvoulou

Project Manager / ICT Instructor


Chrystalla Thrasyvoulou is an IT professional (MSc) in Information Systems and (BSc) in Business Information Technology from the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. She joined the Emphasys team equipped with passion and enthusiasm to explore the power of IT through various channels such as social media, e-business and e-commerce. Chrystalla combined her passion for IT with her hidden creative talents which are now linked with website, graphic, image and video editing. She is a highly organised person with strong communication, management and coordination skills. She believes that strong communication, collaboration and commitment are essential ingredients for success. She sets high standards and works hard to achieve them.
She is currently working as a Project Manager and Research Officer in many EU projects, taking the responsibility of the management and implementation, as well as the development and assessment of various tools, e-learning courses and products. She is also the leader of the dissemination strategy of the of European research projects and has created a strong network of associate partners for the promotion and visibility of the projects’ results and products.

Andrianna Georgiou

Project Manager


Andrianna Georgiou is a Master of Architecture graduate from the United Kingdom. Her passion for mixed used media in collaboration with her creative background, have led to a wide range of work experience, including administration and technical support for projects on a global scale, coordination of complex architectural projects, as well as management of digital marketing on various platforms. An organization-oriented individual, Andrianna enjoys working in a varied and challenging environment, able to take on and break up large projects into easily manageable parts. She believes that technological education can offer limitless potential to persons of all ages and backgrounds, and can be a resource for personal as well as professional advancement. Andrianna is a Project Manager and is responsible for the implementation and management of various EU research projects in the VET and Adult Sectors. Her creative background has supported her in the development of various design oriented products and tools. Andrianna has an active role in the promotion and visibility of the organization through various channels, as well as the expansion of its network.

Stelios Stylianou

Project Researcher


Stelios Stylianou has completed his Bachelor degree in Criminology at the University of Durham, followed by an MSc in Psychological Studies at the University of Glasgow. After completing his studies, Stelios worked as a Mental Health Recovery Worker in Glasgow supporting adults with severe mental illnesses. During this time, Stelios developed strong links with various organisations while gaining valuable experience on the development of policies and practices related to the provision of care services for people in need. Stelios is a great supporter of volunteering and working with vulnerable groups of people. He believes that education and lifelong learning are the most powerful weapons, in order to achieve an inclusive society for everyone. He has a particular interest for further research around different social issues and is passionate about empowering individuals from various backgrounds to explore their full potential and become active citizens. He is currently working as a Research Officer and is responsible for the implementation and management of Erasmus+ projects in the field of Adult, School and Youth sector.

Christiana Yiagkou

Project Researcher


Christiana Yiagkou has an academic background in Sociology (Bsc) and Communication studies. She has more than 4 years of experience in planning, management, implementation and evaluation of European projects in various programmes, schemes and sectors such as Erasmus+ projects (KA1, KA2, and KA3), as well as AMIF and Justice.
As a Youth Worker, Christiana has great experience working with Young People supporting and guiding them through the assessment and identification of their needs, as well as in organizing and delivering seminars/workshops in non-formal learning contexts. She has also experience in working with elderly people as she was the Coordinator of intergenerational activities in a well-known rehabilitation unit for Elderly for 4 years. Christiana is a great supporter of sustainable development and climate change. She has been involved in various initiatives to raise the awareness of young people in promoting green economies and environmentally friendly policies. As a researcher, she has been involved in the writing up team for numerous projects in various schemes
(Erasmus+, AMIF, Justice, EEA Grants) both at the National and EU level. Christiana also has experience in the provision of consultancy and training services under the EU funding programmes. She is currently working as a Project Researcher and is responsible for the implementation, management, and coordination of various EU projects focusing on Young People and Adults.

Maria Ioannou

Project Researcher


Maria Ioannou is a graduate in Creative Writing and Human Rights from the University of Kingston in London with postgraduate studies in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam. Having completed her studies, she has worked to drive social change at non-governmental organizations including Transparency International, Justice for a Better World and Ambitious about Autism in the United Kingdom. Throughout her professional background in educational settings for people with special needs, she has developed insight into the many barriers disadvantaged people face in society and a passion to promote social inclusion. She has moreover a strong passion for politics, research and writing, working previously as an EU Project Consultant, providing expertise on EU funding projects and EU Policy.
Maria is a firm believer that a key to achieving social progress and a brighter future for all individuals is to equip them with the practical tools to develop their skills and knowledge. Maria is currently working as a Project Researcher and is responsible for the implementation of projects related to social inclusion, human rights and equality under various programmes and sectors.

Alexandros Andreou

IT Software Developer/ Researcher/ Instructor


Alexandros Andreou is an IT expert with studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (BSc) in Computer Science and at the University of Manchester (MSc) in Artificial Intelligence. He is the Co-Founder and Co-Developer of JAR, a social network application based on the user’s location. As a technology expert, he has joined the Emphasys Team filled with great interest to explore the world of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. His love and excitement for robotics and technology, led him to work with drones, coding, robots and 3D technologies. Alexandros has strong problem solving, analytical and algorithmic skills which combined with his excellent communication and multi-tasking skills make him a great asset for our team. He has strong beliefs that time-management, organization and planning, helps people to be more efficient and productive at work. Alexandros’ interest to work with technology, stems from his eagerness to help his fellow-citizens, support his community and contribute to the solution of current problems leading to a sustainable future. He has a great vision to be part of the preparation of the next generation to face the upcoming challenges of the digital transformation and ensure its inclusion and access in the digitalized economy and society. Alexandros is currently working as a Software Developer supporting the implementation of EU research projects and the development of various tools, platforms, portals etc., as well as an IT Instructor in the STEAM Unit.

Effi Hadjiacovou

Project Researcher


Effi Hadjiacovou’s educational background includes a BA in Sociology from the University of the West of England, followed by a Master Degree in Advanced English studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her post graduate studies focused on Multilingualism and the Acquisition of English which enabled her to later explore her passion in teaching English as a second language. She has 5 years of experience in teaching English to young students and adults of various backgrounds and abilities in both Cyprus and Spain. This has allowed her to gain great experience in teaching in different settings and to different target groups which demanded a flexibility and adaptability in methodology and teaching styles. During these years, Effi has developed strong interpersonal, inter-cultural and social skills that have given her the ability to easily function in multicultural environments. She strongly believes that the modernisation and the digital transformation of teaching and learning will increase learners’ motivation and engagement, as well as raise the learning outcomes. Effi works as a Project Researcher and is responsible for the implementation, dissemination and management of School and Adult Projects under the Erasmus+ Programme.

Panayiota Sofokleous

Project Researcher


Panayiota Sofokleous has a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Applied Languages from the French University of Grenoble-Alps, a Master’s degree in Multilingual Communication-International Relations from the Free University of Brussels, as well as a diploma in Hispanic Studies from the University of Granada (Spain). During her academic studies, Panayiota managed to earn an internship at the Permanent Representation of Cyprus to the European Union, where she has gained valuable experience of the way the European Institutions function, their portfolio of actions and their field of expertise. She has also developed a wide network of collaborations, building on her cross-cultural communication and diplomacy skills. During her time abroad, Panayiota has developed a wide range of key competences highly useful to operate in multi-cultural settings that need strong teamwork, leadership, management and creative skills. Panayiota speaks fluently apart from Greek, English, French and Spanish. She has taken the role of Project Researcher filled with eagerness to contribute towards meeting the vision of the EU for sustainable development, social innovation and change which will ensure the social inclusion, access and participation of all citizens. She is responsible for the implementation and management of Higher Education, VET and Adult Projects.

Alexandros Kallinos

IT Software Developer/ Researcher


Alexandros Kallinos is an IT expert with a specialisation in Software Engineering and Virtual Reality (VR). He completed his BSc in Computer Science with a year in industry at the University of Kent in 2019 and then continued his studies at the University of Manchester for the degree of MSc Advanced Computer Science. As part of his MSc Dissertation project, his curiosity for the field of psychology and the advancements in Virtual Reality motivated him to develop a VR game prototype that could potentially be used in the treatment of claustrophobia. Alexandros joined the Emphasys Team as his personal goal to help people through technology aligns with the ethics and goals of the team. He hopes to someday use his game development knowledge and experience to create other VR experiences to help those in need. Furthermore, Alexandros loves to solve puzzles, analyse situations, and is passionate about understanding the inner working mechanics of everything around him. His passion for learning new things around sciences allows him to easily interweave technology in several projects outside his field. Alexandros believes that time is our most valuable resource and that we must properly utilise technology to streamline processes and maximize efficiency in our everyday life. Therefore, he believes that Europe needs to be digitally transformed and that it should be our mission to equip society with the right tools to help in coping through this transition. Alexandros works as a Project IT Researcher as well as in the Software Development department of the organisation.


A large number of associates and consultants work in close cooperation with our organisation for the provision of adequate and relevant expertise and services depending on the needs and requirements of our projects.