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National Training courses


Mobile App Development: Building Apps for iOS and Android

This course is designed for aspiring app developers interested in creating applications for mobile devices. It focuses on the practical aspects of developing for both iOS and Android platforms. The curriculum is structured to provide a solid foundation in the app development process, from concept to completion. Participants will gain the skills needed to design and build functional, user-friendly mobile apps, preparing them for real-world challenges in the mobile tech landscape.

SQL Database Management for Professionals

This course is designed for professionals aiming to deepen their expertise in SQL database management. It explores advanced SQL techniques, focusing on critical aspects such as complex query development, data optimization, and security protocols. Participants will learn to navigate and manage large-scale databases efficiently, ensuring data integrity and performance.

Python Programming Essentials

This comprehensive course provides an in-depth exploration of Python's versatile programming capabilities. Learn to develop efficient and powerful applications, utilizing Python's extensive libraries. Delve into its varied applications in data analysis, machine learning, web development, and beyond. Enhance your coding proficiency with practical projects and real-world examples, guided by the engaging and intuitive nature of the Python language.

JavaScript Fundamentals: Building Interactive Web Experiences!

Explore the essentials of JavaScript programming, focusing on its powerful capabilities in web development. Understand the core syntax, advanced features, and delve into creating responsive web applications. Learn about event handling and modern frameworks through hands-on projects, enhancing your web development skills.

Designing disruptive experiences – VR, AR and Gamification!

This module is all about designing video games using the Unity platform and C# coding. Additionally, it provides an in-depth exploration of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR) technologies.

Advanced User Experience (UX) Design

This course includes advanced concepts in user-centered design, exploring intricate interaction design strategies and comprehensive usability testing. The curriculum focuses on developing interfaces that expertly blend aesthetics with functionality, meeting and exceeding user expectations. Emphasizing advanced techniques in wireframing, prototyping, and user research, the course equips participants to address complex design challenges, guiding the creation of innovative and user-friendly digital experiences.

Blockchain Technology and Applications

This course offers a deep exploration into the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology. Designed for individuals seeking to understand and apply blockchain principles, it covers the foundational concepts, underlying algorithms, and the architecture of blockchain systems. Participants will learn about the development and deployment of decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts, and explore use cases across various industries.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Modern Cloud Services and Deployment

This course introduces the key concepts of cloud computing, tailored for those looking to understand and utilize cloud technologies. Participants will explore various cloud services and deployment models, gaining insight into how cloud computing is transforming businesses and IT infrastructure. The course covers essential topics like public, private, and hybrid clouds, along with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Online Safety and Internet Addiction

This module addresses Internet Addiction and Cyberbullying, introducing foundational Internet and Social Media Security concepts. It covers Safe Browsing practices, Social Engineering insights, and features expert criminology perspectives on confronting cyber threats.

Artificial Intelligence: The Emerging Technology Set to Transform the World!

This advanced course delves deep into the aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, emphasizing hands-on Python coding sessions. Participants will explore a range of AI applications, craft sophisticated AI models, and engage with tools like ChatGPT.

Robotics for Educators

This advanced course introduces participants to the world of robotics, starting with the Edison Robot. Learn how to use Lego Boost, Lego Mindstorms EV3, and the innovative Lego Spike Prime programmed with Python. The curriculum also includes hands-on C++ coding sessions with the Arduino circuit board.

Webpage Design and Learning Management Platforms in Education

This course covers the fundamentals of WordPress and Moodle LMS. Learn to install, manage, and optimize content on WordPress, enhance with plugins, and ensure website security. Additionally, delve into Moodle LMS to create courses, integrate resources, manage participants, and award Open Badges for achievements.

3D Design and Fabrication: From Concept to Creation

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to 3D design and printing. Dive into 3D design using Tinkercad and Fusion 360, followed by file preparation for optimal 3D printing. Understand the intricacies of slicing software, Gcode, and the 3D printing process. Additionally, explore CNC laser cutting, laser engraving, and the fascinating world of 3D scanning.

Drone Mastery: From DIY Builds to Advanced Programming

Explore drone technology with the DJI Tello EDU and a custom DIY drone using the micro:bit microcontroller. This course covers drone coding in Python for tasks like image and hand gesture recognition, alongside block-based programming fundamentals.

Build your eShop

This course offers a hands-on introduction to website creation, from domain setup and hosting to WordPress installation. Customize your site with theme choices, logo design, and homepage enhancements. Efficiently manage an online store, categorize products, and guarantee secure transactions with integrated payment gateways and SSL certificates.

STOP Cyberbullying

This course delves into cyberbullying, exploring its forms, impact on students, and prevention methods. Learn to recognize signs, teach about media literacy, and share best practices to create a positive learning environment.

Teaching languages in the 21st century

This course highlights the significance of ICT tools in modern classrooms. Discover how to present with professionalism, use music and movies for language learning, effectively utilize videos, and transition from traditional books to innovative mobile apps.

Computer Essentials

This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to the use of devices, file creation and management, networks, and data security.

Online Essentials

This module sets out essential concepts and skills relating to web browsing, effective information search, online communication and e-mail.

Word Processing

This module allows candidates to demonstrate the ability to use a word processing application to create, format, and finish small-sized word processing documents.


This module allows candidates to understand the concept of spreadsheets and to demonstrate an ability to use a spreadsheet to produce accurate work outputs.


This module allows candidates to understand the concept of presentations and to demonstrate competence in using presentation software.

Using Databases

This module allows candidates to understand the concept of a database and demonstrate competence in using a database.

Web Editing

This module enables the candidate to understand key web publishing concepts and to create, upload, and maintain a web site.

Image Editing

This module enables the candidate to understand the main concepts underlying digital images and to use an image editing application.

Project Planning

This module enables candidates to use project management software to prepare project plans and monitor projects, including planning and managing time, costs, tasks, and resources.

IT Security

This module allows candidates to understand the main concepts underlying the secure use of ICT and to use relevant techniques and applications to maintain a secure network connection, use the Internet and manage data and information.

Online Collaboration

This module sets out concepts and skills relating to the setup and use of online collaborative tools, such as storage, productivity applications, calendars, social media, web meetings, learning environments and mobile technology.

Our Clientele

Since 1988 when Emphasys Centre began operating as a related company of A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions various tailor made ICT training programmes for in-service and professional development training have been designed and offered to several departments of the government of Cyprus as well to private companies, banks, and other organizations.

The Emphasys Centre is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Culture as a Private Institute – Educational Centre (Reg. No. specializing in ICT Vocational and Educational Training. The Emphasys Centre is also an ECDL (European Computer Driving License) Examination Center approved by the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS).

The following is an indicative list:

  • Ministry of Education and Culture – In-service training of Secondary ICT School Teachers
  • Ministry of Interior – Land Registry Department
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance – Social Welfare Department
  • Ministry of Agriculture – Fishing Department
  • Ministry of Justice – Prisons’ Department
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Finance – Income Tax Department
  • PIO – Public Information Office of Cyprus
  • Public Service Commission
  • DOMSCARS (Renault). (Private Company)
  • Popular Bank of Cyprus
  • Oncology Centre – Bank Of Cyprus
  • United Nations

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