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Submission no.
2022-1- PL01-KA220-ADU-51E81A7D

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Innovative Techniques of Seniors Activation

Short Description

The project aims to offer trainers/educators a new innovative training programme that motivates citizens (especially seniors) to work together and learn new things, act for their local communities in a practical way (introduce social changes) and be creative and share their works with others.

Project Coordinator
Fundacja Mapa Pasji
Contact: Anna Jarzębska
Email: anna.jarzebska@mapapasji.pl
Project Partners
Istituto Per Servizi Di Ricovero E Assistenza Agli Anziani
Contact: Oscar Zanutto
Email: faber@israa.it
Institut Antona Trstenjaka za gerontologijo in Medgeneracijsko sozitje
Contact: Alenka Ogrin
Email: alenka.ogrin@iat.si
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Inter Art Foundation
Contact: Gergana Deenichina
Email: gergana.deenichina@gmail.com
Centar Za Drustveno Ekonomski Razvoj Udruzenje
Contact: Marjan Marinkovic
Email: marjan@cder.org.rs
Fundacja Rozwoju przez Całe Życie
Contact: Elzbieta Manthey
Email: elzbieta.manthey@frpcz.pl