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Supporting parents to deal with the excessive online time and habits of their children: a prevention and intervention programme for all

Short Description
Have you ever been in a situation where your children were begging you for attention while you were on-line sending emails or going through your FB? The STEPin project is all about supporting parents to become role models for their children and motivators for using their time on-line in a sensible and constructive way while promoting the well-being of their children and the healthy lifestyle of their families.
In addressing the above, the project will:
-map out the current scene in all countries, record efforts to deal with Internet Abusing Behaviour/Addiction
-develop a targeted upskilling programme for parents/educators, delivered in an engaging social learning environment and build around the concept of learner motivation.
-exploiting the role of parents as AMBASSADORS/ ROLE MODELS catering for the well-being of their children while introducing healthy life style within their families.
Project Coordinator
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Contact: Arne Schrader
Email: arne.schrader@idd.uni-hannover.de
Project Partners
Razvojno Izobrazevalni Center Novomesto
Contact: ‘Tina Kržišnik
Email: Tina.Krzisnik@ric-nm.si
Parents’ Association “Step by Step”
Contact: ‘Silvija Stanić
Email: silvija@udrugaroditeljakpk.hr
The Nottingham Trent University
Contact: Dr Daria Kuss
Email: daria.kuss@ntu.ac.uk
Asserted Knowledge Omorrythmos Etaireia
Contact: Michail Kourakis
Email: info@aknow.eu
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Family and Childcare Center – branch in Skopje
Contact: Vasileska, Kristina
Email: vasileska.k@kmop.gr