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Upgrading the Resilence and Adaptability of Seniors in The Post-Covid Era Through a Digital-Driven Lifelong Learning Programme Promoting Civic Engagement of all Ages

Short Description

The mental health challenges that have erupted due to the quarantine and social distancing measures as a result of Covid-19, accentuated the need to introduce new technologies which will ensure their social participation and inclusion in the digital age. According to AGE Platform EU, seniors are more likely to develop depression symptoms which lead into higher risks of suicide compared to other groups of population. Additionally, the EC notes that in 2019, 18% of adults in Europe face social isolation while the majority refers to the seniors’ population who find obstacles in engaging in social activities due to social and health constraints. Moreover, the EU Committee of the Regions stressed the importance of recognizing the value of volunteering and its capacity to increase the performance of the European economy. Eurostat emphasized the role of seniors in society and the necessity to bridge the generational gap by the development of opportunities to exchange ideas.

Therefore, this project aims to:

  • To promote innovative methods and pedagogies used by adult educators.
  • To familiarize seniors with processes such as modernization and digitalization.
  • To enhance access, participation and learning performance for seniors.
  • To facilitate intergenerational learning between older and younger generations and inform about the necessity of volunteerism.
  • To increase social participation, digital inclusion and prevent loneliness and mental health challenges among seniors..
Project Coordinator
APPIS- Associação Paredes pela Inclusão Social
Contact: Paulo Jorge Moreira da Silva
Email: cmparedes@cm-paredes.pt
Project Partners
Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbund
Contact: Lotta Svensson
Email: info@hufb.se
Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica
Contact: Dr Aleksander Kobylarek
Email: proscientiapublica@gmail.com
Municipality of Agios Dometios
Email: info@dad.org.cy
Atermon B.V.
Contact: Mr Geoffrey Braaf Geoffrey
Email: info@atermon.nl
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
ZDUS – Zveza Drustev Upokojencev Slovenije
Contact: Dijana Lukić
Email: tajnistvo@zdus-zveza.si