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ON-OFF4youngsters AR game


Embracing a balanced approach between Online engagement and OFFline alternatives

Short Description
ON-OFF4youngsters has as primary objective to produce approaches and tools to help those working with children reach out to them with a view to help them adopt a balanced approach to technology use by gaining a deeper understanding and interpretation of causes, risks and effects of constant online commitment and by identifying and reacting to addictive formulas related mainly with online gaming and social media use.
The main objective will be achieved through the following activities leading to concrete results:
– Elaborate and validate a didactical approach to train children on the identification and interpretation of causes, risks and effects of constant online commitment.
– Design and develop an Augmented Reality game based on the didactical approach which will be used by educators to train children to identify addictive formulas of Internet applications (i.e. social media rewarding system activates the hedonistic dopamine system).
– Design campaigns to improve the take-up of recreational and sport activities by children and raise awareness of the importance of a balanced approach to media and technology.
– Reach out to schools with the aim of increasing smart and thoughtful and focused use of technology
– Develop and test a set of ‘best practices’ & recommendations.

Project Coordinator
Civic Computing Limited
Contact: Mattheos Kakaris
Email: mattheos@civicuk.com 
Project Partners
The Nottingham Trend University
Contact: Daria Kuss
Email: Daria.Kuss@ntu.ac.uk
Asserted Knowledge Omorrythmos Etaireia (AKNOW) 
Contact: Elena Mantzari
Email: elena@anknow.eu
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Asociatia Direct
Contact: Iona Sandru
Email: ioana_sandru_2000@yahoo.com
32 SU s izuchavane na chuzhdi ezici “Sv.Kliment Ohridski”
Contact: Veneta Velkova
Email: vvelkova@gmail.com