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Robotics through sign language: Ensuring access and engagement of students with disabilities (deaf or with hearing impairment) to the digital world of coding and robotics

Short Description
The ROBOTICS4DEAF project introduces students with deafness or hearing impairments to coding. While coding integrates all STEM fields (mechanical, electrical, engineering, computer science, technology, maths and science) it also promotes employability skills such as problem solving, group work, leadership, creativity and initiative.
At present time there is a high demand for digital skills which are essential in today’s job market and society. Therefore, digital inclusion for people with disabilities is a perquisite to ensure social inclusion and their integration into society.
The main objective of ROBOTICS4DEAF is to ensure access and participation of students with deafness or hearing impairments through the design and development of a Training Package which promotes coding/robotics skills.
School students as well as partner countries will benefit from the implementation of the Project at a national and regional level by developing such an innovative and comprehensive programme which introduces coding to students with hearing impairments.
Project Coordinator
Spoleczna Akademia Nauk
Contact: Aleksandra Zając
Email: akonopka@spoleczna.pl
Project Partners
Istituto Dei Sordi Di Torino
Contact: Dolza Enrico
Email: direzione@istitutosorditorino.org
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
National Center For Scientific Research “Demokritos”
Contact: Athanasios Drigas
Email: dr@iit.demokritos.gr
Contact: Marek Kanaš
Email: marek.kanas@deafstudio.net
Rezeknes Tehnologiju Akademija
Contact: Gilberto Marzano
Email: Gilberto.Marzano@rta.lv
Polski Zwiazek Gluchych Oddzial Lodzki
Contact: Ewa Twardowska
Email: ewa.twardowska@pzg.lodz.pl