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Arts & Signs

Art & Signs - Art, culture and Museum Accessibility for Deaf audience

Short Description

Although the awareness of Deaf people’s accessibility in the cultural field has increased, there are still challenges to work on for making art and culture even more accessible to them. For instance, there is a small number of museum staff who know sign language and are able to welcome and accompany Deaf visitors at any time. Additionally, there is a lack of specific Sign Language vocabulary in the field of art that can adequately convey the meaning and emotions of artworks to Deaf visitors, as spoken language for hearing people. In light of these considerations, the ART&SIGNS main objectives are:

  • To train museum workers by providing them with the basic language and technical skills to be able to welcome Deaf visitors in their facilities.
  • To transfer knowledge about the Deaf culture as an integral part of the communication with Deaf people.
  • To promote the inclusion of Deaf and hearing people both at a social and professional level.
  • To create video dictionaries including the signs related to the cultural and artistic context.

These signs will be discovered with the support of Deaf artists in national SL and International Signs. All of the educational material will be made available in a virtual space that can be used free of charge by the museum operators and the Deaf community SL users.

Project Coordinator
Innosign S.R.O
Contact: Marek Kanas
Email: info@innosign.eu
Project Partners
Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme
Contact: Gianluca Rossi
Email: tucep@tucep.org
Associazioni Unite dei Sordi della Regione Umbria
Contact: Gyorgyke Drinòczi
Email: sordi.umbria@libero.it
Pragma Engineering SRL
Contact: Riccardo Magni
Email: info@pragmaeng.it
Asociatia Nationala a Profesorilor pentru Elevi cu Deficiente de Auz Virgil Florea
Contact: Hamza Cecilia
Email: as_prof_vf@yahoo.com
Dennis Hoogeveen Consultancy
Contact: Dennis Hoogeven
Email: me@dennishoogeveen.com
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
Plataforma Representativa Estatal De Discapacitados Fisicos Asociacion
Contact: Fadia Khraisat
Email: predif@predif.org