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Mobile Learning in Vocational Education

Short Description
In recent years mobile learning has become more and more popular. Mobile learning is about teaching and learning using mobile information and communication technology like tablets, smartphones, laptops and often the internet. Mobile learning has the opportunity to be used in courses, schools, during work or by individual learners – for example in their leisure time.
The Erasmus+ project GoMobile addresses this new and innovative way of learning and teaching with focus on vocational education and training. It focuses on exploring the options that are available and on giving practical advice to teachers, trainers and developers of educational materials.
The aim of GoMobile is to get an overview on mobile learning in vocational schools and in companies and meet the needs of teachers and trainers in this field. The consortium will create a book that introduces teachers to the concept of mobile learning and gives them a deeper understanding. In addition it will take them through several useful learning apps in a hands-on approach that helps them understand how the app can be integrated into their classes. The book will also contain a section on future development of mobile learning, providing a detailed overview of which opportunities technology will provide in the coming years (for instance, individualized learning through learning analytics, networked collaborative or competitive learning, etc.), and what should be developed in the field of mobile learning in order to take advantage of these opportunities.
Project Coordinator
Ingenious Knowledge
Contact: Rasmus Pechuel
Email: ceo@ingeniousknowlge.com
Project Partners
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
European Learning Network Ltd
Contact: Rajesh Pathak
Email: info@elnpartner.co.uk
Asociación Nacional de Centros de e-learning y Distancia
Contact: Javier Vélez
Email: javier@anced.es
Universitaet Paderborn
Contact: Marc Beutner
Email: mbeutner@wiwi.upb.de