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smartAInnovators: Promoting AI-driven digital Transformation and innovation in VET Schools for social change and better Skills match with the labour market

Short Description

Rapid digitalisation over the past decade has transformed many aspects of work and daily life. Driven by innovation and technological evolution, the digital transformation is reshaping society, the labour market and the future of work, and inevitably E & T. Employers face difficulties in recruiting highly skilled workers across a number of economic sectors, including in the digital sector. Boosting digital skills at all levels helps increase growth and innovation and build a fairer, more cohesive, sustainable and inclusive society. Being digitally skilled and acquiring digital literacy can empower people of all ages to be more resilient, improve participation in democratic life and stay safe and secure online.

The project aims:
(1) to promote the introduction and acquisition of high digital skills including AI and Unity Game Development in VET schools thus responding to the needs of the labour market and
(2) to empower young people with digital literacy to enhance their resistance to excessive online use such as addictive gambling habits through the demonstration of how an AI model can predict lucky games.

Other aims:
• To upgrade the attractiveness of VET with targeted to the needs of the labour market curricula thus responding to the demands of the digital transformation
• To promote social innovation and change for a sustainable future through the digital upskilling of the younger generation
• To empower YP with targeted digital competences, skills and knowledge in order to acquire an overall understanding of gambling and harden their resistance to gambling addiction.
• To introduce the fundamental knowledge of Artificial
Intelligence both for VET trainers and young people
• To develop a new set of AI learning and teaching resources as well as Unity Game Development, that will enhance the schools’ collection
• To provide young people with high quality
opportunities to acquire digital skills using the Unity Engine for educational purposes and to boost their creativity, innovation, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and empathy skills
• To develop a professional development training
for trainers in order to upgrade their profiles
• To empower young people to prevent and/or deal with gambling addiction and excessive online screen usage.
• To promote awareness-raising for the dangers of gambling addiction through the acquisition of digital literacy skills

Project Coordinator
Spoleczna Akademia NAUK
Contact: Aleksandra Zając
Email: akonopka@spoleczna.pl
Project Partners
Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri S.COOP
Contact: Anabel Menica
Email: amenica@txorierri.net
Atlantis Engineering AE
Contact: Ifigeneia Metaxa
Email: metaxa@abe.gr
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Email: info@emphasyscentre.com
PCG Polska Sp. z o.o.
Contact: Pawel Morawski
Email: pmorawski@san.edu.pl
Contact: Danny Kooijman
Email: info@atermon.nl
Srednja Skola Za Informacione Tehnologije
Contact: Aleksandra Prokopijević
Email: office@iths.edu.rs