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Youth 'agents of change' on Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability

Short Description

The GreenACT project aims to enhance young people’s environmental education and awareness through the organization of a summer school program about environmental citizenship. The goal is to educate young people on environmental issues, inspire them in developing a firm ecological mindset, and invite them to have a positive impact in their communities as active agents.

The project aims will be achieved through the development of:
• a Competence Framework for increasing environmental awareness and responsible behavior
• an Educational Pack which will facilitate innovative learning practices based mainly on non-formal methods.
• a Green-ACT platform where young people and youth workers will use as a way of interacting, sharing information, experience, and knowledge.
• a Toolbox, with A-Z guides for setting up the GreenACT SUMMER SCHOOLS

Project Coordinator
Asociatia D.G.T
Contact: Andrei Daicer
Project Partners
Asociacija Tavo Europa
Contact: Donatas Verseckas
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Drustvo Bodi svetloba
Contact: Robin Dewa
Sdruzhenie Walk Together
Contact: Elena Stancheva
Brigada Do Mar – União
Contact: Ana Rita Seirôco