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Hold On

Fostering access to mental health support for young people

Short Description

It appears that mental health issues increased, particularly after the Covid-19 era, affecting primarily young people from marginalized backgrounds. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a European-holistic response targeting the access of youth to mental health and well-being support.
As a result, the ‘Hold On’ project intends to expand young people’s access to informal peer mental health services at non-medical service points. Schools, universities, cultural centers, youth organizations, training and sports centers, would serve as such service points and will ensure that the most vulnerable youth are reached. In addition, this project aims to close knowledge gaps and equip non-medical professionals who work with young people, with the ability to recognize mental health issues and provide informal support. On top of these, the project seeks to increase public awareness in order to reduce mental health-related stereotypes and attract the attention of policymakers to the subject.

Project Coordinator
Afeji Hauts-De-France
Contact: Coline Fertin
Project Partners
KMOP – Education and Innovation Hub
Contact: Epameinondas Koutavelis
A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
Contact: Athos Charalambides
Bashkia Shkoder
Contact: Lorena Bardeli
Spoleczna Akadema Nauk
Contact: Anna Bogacz
Family and Childcare Center – Skopje
Contact: Kristina Vasileska