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Artificial Intelligence and Drones

Blending Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence with Advanced Drone Technology for the Future.

Mobile Applications

Crafting advanced eye-catching websites and mobile apps (Android, iOS), compliant with the newest technological standards ensuring the most reliable and solid performance.

Face Recognition with Open-CV AI

Effortless Identification with Advanced Deep Learning Technology.

The highly-skilled Software Developers of Emphasys Centre have designed a cutting-edge face recognition tool powered by advanced deep learning algorithms. With its user-friendly interface, it effortlessly identifies and verifies individuals from images or live camera feeds. Designed for diverse applications, from security to retail, this tool ensures high accuracy while prioritizing user privacy and data protection.

The Next-Gen AI-Powered Drone

Revolutionizing Aerial Imaging and Interaction

Emphasys Centre in cooperation with the University of Crete – Greece, ECAM-EPMI – France, Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri – Spain, and Demokritos Research Centre – Greece, were engaged in a groundbreaking research project that introduces a custom-made programmable drone, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art AI image capture with intuitive gesture control. This drone is not just a flying camera; it’s an intelligent aerial companion. With its advanced sensors and algorithms, the drone can autonomously capture stunning, context-aware images, recognizing objects and optimizing shots in real-time. Beyond its imaging power, what truly distinguishes this drone is its gesture control capability. Users can command the drone, not with a traditional remote, but with simple hand movements, making the interaction feel natural and futuristic. Whether it’s for professional cinematography, environmental research, or recreational exploration, this project is redefining the boundaries of drone technology and human-machine interaction.


Emotion Engine App

A Python-Powered Emotion Detector

Emotion Engine is a sophisticated Python application, designed by our Software Development team, to identify and classify human emotions with precision. Harnessing the power of a pre-trained emotion detection model, the application can seamlessly detect a range of emotions including ‘Angry’, ‘Disgust’, ‘Fear’, ‘Happy’, ‘Sad’, ‘Surprise’, and ‘Neutral’. Whether integrated into interactive platforms, security systems, or user experience research, this Emotion Engine offers a cutting-edge solution for real-time emotional insights.

HandWave: Real Time Hand Gesture Detection

Harnessing the power of Computer Vision AI

HandWave is an innovative application, created by our Software Development team, to detect hand gestures such as counting the number of fingers a user holds up in front of their laptop camera.  The app processes live video feed, isolates the hand based on skin color, and identifies the convexity defects to estimate the number of fingers displayed. The result is then dynamically showcased on the screen. Whether for educational purposes, interactive gaming, or accessibility features, HandWave offers a glimpse into the potential of real-time computer vision applications.

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